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Preparing and cooking food, listening and playing music (Alto and Tenor sax), keeping fit, Family holidays and outings. To share with you the knowledge of qualified UK financial advisers, and offer practical suggestions and assistance so you can learn from examples of good practice avoiding some of the common pitfalls that we see. Maximising Benefits and Minimising Risk.

121 Ian Bold

Ian Bold                                                                                                  Ian Bold                                                                                                                                        ‘Head of Sales’ at Aqueous Digital

Ian is the type of business leader and professional that you evolve in to following a career in sports.

After his release from a major league club in his late teens Ian focused on business but still played part-time professional football throughout the Northwest.

His business goals are very specific and measurable – ‘To be a £1 million turnover agency by Oct 2018. Being considered the ‘Search Specialists’ of choice for both employees and customers alike’.

Ian earned his stripes working for some huge companies like Auto Trader, Yell, Konica Minolta and ADT, which may explain why he has such a strong vision of what he can achieve.

His passion and drive was all so evident during our meeting. He went on to say, ‘We believe digital marketing should be strategic, long-term, coordinated and, of course, very productive. It should also be built on sound, ethical practice, creating real, honest, organic growth in your company’s digital footprint and impact.’

Ian also shared his wicked sense of humour. The type of humour honed by training ground and changing room barracking and banter. The sort of environment which will make or break you – he’s not only survived but continues to flourish.

Another side to Ian is his charitable giving. I addition to support CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young). Ian has pledged his and his companies support to John Galloway’s Speed of sight Charity http://speedofsight.org

Ian has adopted and practices the idiom of ‘Givers Gain’. Immediately following our business meeting Ian introduced me to two of his most trusted business connections, for which I am both grateful and appreciative.

His strategy of helping as many people as he can to achieve their goals will ensure his own success.

Give Ian a call and have a chat over beer or coffee and see where it leads to. I’m certainly glad I did!

Ian Bold                                                                                                                            0800 285 1424                                                                                                          hello@aqueous-digital.co.uk                                                                             http://www.aqueous-digital.co.uk


Use the TOOLS – don’t be the tools


Use the tools don’t be the tools

Not long ago, All MLM recruitment or team building needed some sort of human interaction — even with the web.

Now, from fact-finding to brand-relationship building, your potential recruits/team members rely on the Internet to do it all.

‘The traditional prospecting methods can be done in addition to the Internet,but should not be done instead of it’. Nicholas Pratt

I believe that this opportunity is a true ‘online’ business opportunity which means being online leverages multiple avenues for MLM ‘New Starters‘, like you, to gain visibility among opportunity seekers.

The reality is prospects – likely even you – turn to the internet to discover what to do, where to go, who to buy things from and more.

‘Research shows that B2B businesses tend to get the best results from LinkedIn and Twitter, but are present across a wide range of social networks.’ Robert Allen 06 Apr, 2017


Take a look at my results for Nov 22nd 23rd 25th




Additionally I was able inform each potential prospects connections (400+ at time of writing) that their professional network connection was interested in my Network Opportunity and they could have information – without obligation!

After you find someone who is open don’t try to explain everything to them. Let your tools do the work.

Understand that you’re not really selling a business opportunity… You’re really selling the idea that they can do what you do.

If you keep it simple and use your tools they will feel that they can do the same thing.

Instead of doing a one on one presentation show them your online presentation and videos at your ‘Wild’ site.

If you do all the telling and explaining your prospect will think that they have to do the same thing.

If you make everything simple you’ll greatly increase your chances of recruiting and growing your team.


The people who are serious about their business will invest in learning the skills necessary to succeed. Visit head office or dial in to webinars or study information on their ‘Wild’ site.

Learning how to prospect and recruit will allow you to get more results while working less.


Using the right tools you can ‘talk’ to 750 potential prospects each month on each social network platform! (Over 23,000 plus/month on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more)

3 Simple Steps

  1. Drop me a line for the Lead Generation Tool (LEG) – It’s Powerful.
  2. Study the Network Plan attached below – It’s powerful.
  3. Use it and Grow your team with the templates I have developed – They’re powerful.

Have a great new week all.

Coming soon:

Online Customer Gathering Tool (CGT).

Facebook Auto-posting Tool (FAT).

Network Plan The Wild NEtwork Compensation Plan



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