About Merchant Services

Understanding Merchant Services

Chip & PIN Solutions Ltd. provides fast and secure merchant services for sole traders and small enterprises up to blue chip companies across a wide range of sectors. No matter how you operate your business Chip & PIN Solutions Ltd. can provide you with a Card Processing option dedicated to your business needs. We offer a range of products for all your merchant services needs, from future proof Chip & PIN machines through to online payment systems.

Why Do I Need A Merchant Account? 

Your merchant account will validate customers’ card details and ensure that funds are available in order to complete the transaction. Once the funds are cleared they’ll be sent to your specified business bank account by your merchant acquirer.

There are different types of merchant accounts, depending on whether you want to accept card payments online or by telephone/mail order, or do repeat billing.

• Get yourself our Chip and PIN machine and make it easy for your customers to pay you

07967 801 550

Changing Card Service Provider

If you already accept debit and credit cards then you will be well aware of the benefits of taking card transactions from your customers.

The decision you need to make is which supplier can provide you with

the best service at the right price – this doesn’t have to be your bank.

Since 2004 thousands of businesses have switched to Chip & PIN Solutions Ltd.

and here are some of the reasons why:-

From UK Chip & PIN you can expect

• Low cost transaction charges

• Fast and secure ‘future proof’ terminals

• E–commerce solutions available

• Faster payments via broadband and WiFi

We promise to provide…

• Face–to–face meeting to ensure a personalised solution

• Expert advice and guidance throughout the switching process

• Comprehensive ongoing service and support from our UK based team

• You may be paying too much to your bank – Try our Free Rate Checking service

07967 801 550


Joining UK Chip & PIN  Ltd. as one of over 22,000 happy customers you become part of a wider network of businesses that combined, are part of the Payment Card Industry.


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