Krzysztof Kawulak

Founder and Director at Bristol Merchant Services Ltd

Thank you Krzysztof Kawulak for including me in your professional network and joining our team at Power Solutions (UK) Ltd.

I invited Krzysztof to our offices and he was able to experience first-hand the HQ facilities of Power Solutions (UK) Limited.

Krzysztof is Founder and Director at Bristol Merchant Services Ltd. In addition to providing Merchant services and Utilities savings, Krzyztof specialises in helping non-native speakers navigate through service procurement.

As we toured the facility he couldn’t help but remarked how impressive ‘everything’ was. We observed the various teams working with ‘live clients’ at every stage of the service delivery.

Stephen English acted as Chaperone and presenter – Stephen outlined in detail our powerful and unique reward programme for Affiliates and their teams joining us.

If you would like to join us or need more information call me now 07967 801 550

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