1:2:1 Andy Hacking

Andy Hacking                                                                         Andy Hacking                                                                                                           Aspray Limited

My first meeting with Andy was a guest visitor to his networking club, hosted by Tracy Heatley.

It transpired that Andy’s predecessor and I had connected and Andy thought it would be useful to revisit my value proposition.

Andy, as project manager for Asprays, manages property damage insurance claims so that you can carry on with everyday life or running your business.

Andy has spent almost 20 years in property related businesses and brings a wealth of experience to his role with Asprays.

By coincidence, it was Andy turn to conducted an extended presentation to the network group, so I was able to learn much about him and his business.

I think this factor led to our meeting feeling very ‘relaxed and easy’, which is not to say that Andy and I would have felt otherwise had this not occurred.

It became very apparent that Andy is passionate about almost all aspects of his life, which I feel is a great thing.

Check out Andy’s profile and Bio. If the worst happens to your home or business, he can negotiate a fair settlement from your insurer on your behalf and then return your property to its original condition using vetted contractors, at no cost to you.

Thank you Dominic Harrington for inviting me to the network event.


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