Why Downtown In Business?

Great Location, Great coffee, Great Bacon Barms, oh and great people to network with.

Downtowns In Business  Rise and Grind event was another successful hit, hosted by Katherine Smith, Operations Manager of Huntley’s farm shop and outlet.

Following the formal networking and open discussion, I was invited to be interviewed, on video, by Downtown. The final question asked to me was ‘why Downtown?’

Downtown has its own unique structure and feel when compared to other networking events, in my opinion.

I agree there is only so many variation one can have in regards to structure and content of a network event, yet I feel Downtown has brought something different to the networking scene. Its culture, attitude, the whole feel is its own embodiment.

Roger Jonas presided over a debate session around the topic of the ‘Northern Power House’. Several members of the audience contributed, including, literally the youngest person in the room and the oldest person in the room. There were more than SIX decades difference in age!

This point illustrate the diversity of attendees – there are many more example of the diversity of Downtowns group thus adding to the appeal of their event. The only important commonality required at Downtown events is the willingness to ‘Network professionally’. A willingness to exchange business ideas and consider the idea of collaboration. For that reason I choose Downtown and Downtown facilitates that in its own unique way.


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