1:2:1 James Morris – Textmimedia

James textmimedia

Thanks James for including me in your professional connection. It was really nice to catch up with you over coffee and Banana and Hazel nut muffins, good shout.

James Company, Textmimedia could be described as a progressive Manchester based digital agency, specialising in web design, digital marketing, graphic design, mobile application development and IT consultancy that serves to bring your commercial ideas to life.

James shared several completed and impressive project examples with me during our sit down. Likewise, James was impressed with my offering and immediately identified several of his clients that he felt would benefit from an introduction.

I’m looking forward to working closely with you and sharing introductions James.

If you are interested to learning how we could help each other’s business please call me 07967 801 550


About Cornel Sampson

Helping UK Businesses MAKE MONEY and SAVE MONEY on rates they pay to the bank for taking payments by Debit/Credit Cards

Helping Retailers and service providers to take payments by debit/credit cards face to face or online – Saving up-to 40% in Fees & Charges

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