3 thoughts on “March 2013 Rossendale Business League

  1. Hi Cornel, what an excellent review of the Rossendale Business League Event, its certainly continuing with the theme of positivity. I too found it really useful and made some great contacts.
    Referred clients to Karen Johnson of FURNITURE COMPONENTS
    Offered a training session by Julie Young of SPENCER FOLD MANAGEMENT SERVICES Informed my childs nursery of Maureen Askew’s services ASKASKEW CHILDCARE
    1-1 Meeting booked through Sue Lawson of SDA
    Good advice & client referral offered by Martyn Peer of COPIFAX
    Candiate referred by Lisa Mousley CBT INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL
    1-1 Meeting booked with Chrissy Pilkington of EAST LANCS CHAMBER and of course a 1-1 with the one and only Cornel Sampson of CHIP AND PINSOLUTIONS LTD
    All in all, an entremely fruitful and positive event at ROSSENDALE BUSINESS LEAGUE

  2. Always a joy to speak with Cornel and love his blog following the events, great presentation by Cornel at Rossendale Business League event, as Cornel says, if you are not attending these networking events, how much business may you be missing?? onwards and upwards.

  3. Cornel’s strap line is once seen, never forgotton, always loved and I have to agree he is a throughly nice guy. Thanks for the mention, looking forward to the next meeting, see you at our R2N meeting.

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