Mutal and Friendly Societies Equate To:

“Service and Value” Retrieved 03/07/12 from

Better value all round

Research by the Association of Financial Mutals shows that in 2009 PLC insurers paid out on average 3p to shareholders for every £1 invested by their customers. With no shareholders to please, Mutals can ensure that their profits are only distributed to customers like you, or reinvested to give you better returns, better value and higher levels of service.

Better service

According to their customers, Mutal organisations and friendly societies deliver a better service, really care about them and treat them more fairly than non-Mutal insurers.* The Association of British Insurers (ABI’s) ‘Customer Impact Survey’ explored in depth the relationship a customer has with his or her life office.
The score for the industry as a whole fell from 52% in 2008 to 51% in 2009. For Mutal insurers however the score was 58%, up slightly from 2008 and significantly higher than the industry as a whole.
The results overall show that during a harsh economic and business climate, Mutals continue to work hard to improve customer experiences. What’s more, Mutals are seen as less risky during times of adversity and an increasing number of customers are recognising the value of Mutality – by placing their hard-earned cash with organisations that are in business to serve their best interests without the possible conflict of securing the interests of shareholders.
* According to research amongst over 20,000 life insurance company customers, of whom around a third were customers of a Mutal.


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